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Highly suspicious bushfire in Sydney’s West

A highly suspicious bushfire in Sydney's west burnt more then 2860 Hectares. Unseasonable weather conditions drove bushfires and created the harsh conditions making the fire difficult to control. Helicopters where used to help bring this fire under control. To read the Sydney Morning Herald on the blaze click here.

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Strategies to prevent bushfires

New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Services coordinates bushfire responses within National Parks. This helps to protect the flora and fauna of the park as well as protecting neighbouring properties from the effects of major bushfires. Aircrafts play a big roll in the way that National Parks and Wildlife prevent fires. To learn [...]

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Fighting Bushfires from the air – Marcus Skelly

Fighting bushfires from the air can be the best way to bring an out of control fire under control. It takes a well trained pilot to be able to accurately drop water in the high smoke, low visibility conditions that are characteristic of bushfires. Marcus Skelly is an experienced Tasmanian pilot who was involved [...]

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Major Fire Updates – Catarrh Creek RD Torrington

There is a fire currently burning within the Torrington State conservation area. The fire is currently being controlled by members of the rural fire service. For more information please Visit the RFS website at https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/major-fire-updates/mfu?id=2646

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