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Heli Aust Australia Pty Ltd is a supplier of Helicopter and Fixed Wing aircraft targeted to the fire fighting industry.


In 1976, the founding company Heli-Muster was established to provide aerial mustering in the Northern Territory.

Within 10 years, company operations had began to expanded Australia wide, to include operational bases in Darwin, Katherine, and Victoria River Downs (VRD) in the Northern Territory, Kununurra in Western Australia, and Maggieville in Queensland.

Heli-Aust was then established to operate as a turbine division out of Bankstown Airport, which included extensive workshop and spare parts facilities.

In addition to operating maintenance and engineering workshops out of VRD and Warnervale, Heli Muster also established Aero-Support at Bankstown Airport to service and support the escalating fleet of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

By the mid-eighties, Heli Muster boasted a fleet of over 70 aircraft on the Australian register, with an aggregate of over 365,000 flying hours.

Heli Aust previously operated in a commercial capacity for over 30 years across a diversified field in the general aviation industry, and was merited with industry acclaim as market leaders in helicopter operations.

Heli Aust management and staff offer an unprecedented wealth of knowledge, experience and skills and the company’s sound reputation and impeccable safety record are testament to our culture of professionalism, integrity and customer satisfaction second to none within the aviation industry.

Heli Aust is currently focused on the supply of a full range of fire fighting assets, including large fixed wing aircraft and helicopter, with the support of spare parts and maintenance to ensure complete end to end fire fighting solutions.

Fire Fighting History

Heli-Aust has been heavily committed to bush fire fighting throughout the eastern states for many years. As a company which stands at the forefront of fire related helicopter services since their introduction to fire control, we have been able to constructively contribute to the solution of some of the ongoing associated fire management and suppression problems.

With in excess of 35,000 hours flown in bushfire control, we are the largest supplier of helicopter services and specialist equipment for fire related operations. We can deploy large numbers of helicopters at short notice (having been called upon to task up to ’19 helicopters on fire duties at any one time) and we have the pilots, maintenance support and organisational skills to ensure the success and safety of aerial fire fighting duties. Our pilots (many of whom have flown in Canada’s fire seasons), are the most experienced fire fighting pilots in Australia, and all pilots undergo rigorous currency training each year.

With designated teams of engineers inspecting and servicing aircraft at night to eliminate daytime interruptions, stand by support crews and transport on call and closely monitored pilot rostering,. Engineers are rostered to provide 24-hour maintenance, enabling most servicing to be carried out overnight, thus ensuring the helicopters are fully serviceable during daylight hours.

Heli Aust  take engineers and parts to helicopters in the field for any unscheduled maintenance or repairs. This avoids duty aircraft downtime, and interruption to crucial fire fighting operations, as we position and rotate engineers and relief pilots as necessary.

In addition fixed wing aircraft are utilized for fire spotting, and also air to air direction information on fire movements and water bombing as required.

Operational control is executed from the company’s facilities at Warnervale. From here, aircraft movements, human resource rostering and maintenance are coordinated as necessary.

During bushfire seasons, many of the helicopters may be based closer to active or impending fire zones as required. Daily reporting back to the company operational control centre allows an accurate record of pilot and aircraft hours to be kept so that maintenance scheduling and pilot rostering can be co-ordinated to comply with CASA and or contract and company regulations.

Heli Aust Fire Fighting Operations and Services include;

– Water bucketing
– Hazard reduction
– Control burning
– Heli-torch and incendiaries
– Crew insertion
– Winching
– Initial response aircraft
– Arson deterrent patrols
– Aerial fire surveillance
– Mop up operations
– ARMS (Automated Real time Mapping Software) for mapping fire lines and hazards
– FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) imaging device for detecting hotspots in seemingly dormant fires
– Sling ops – Long line, cargo nets and strops for equipment insertion (chainsaws, ATVs, fuel, water etc)
– Task specific equipment

1997/98 NSW      3,400 hours 6 weeks
1998/99 NSW      2,200 hours 8 weeks
1999/00 NSW      1,800 hours 12 weeks
2000/01 NSW, ACT 1,500 hours 9 weeks
2001/02 NSW, ACT 3,600 hours 16 weeks
2002/03 NSW, ACT 9,000 hours 20 weeks
2003/04 NSW, ACT 3,000 hours 7 weeks
2004/05 NSW, ACT 2,700 hours 6 weeks
2005/06 NSW, ACT 4,000 hours 7 weeks
2006/07 NSW, ACT 6,000 hours 8 weeks
TOTAL (past 10 years)      37,000 hours